The Latinx Mental Health and Resilience Lab at our End of 2017 Celebration.
My, oh my…we sure have grown (and we are still missing a few)!

December 2017

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Daisy taught the team how to make flowers and papel picado for a participant recruitment table at the “Lubbock VOICES Keeping Teens Alive Winter Wonderland.” We had a blast crafting together and appreciated the break during the hectic end-of-semester-hustle.

December 2017

BONUS: The table looked fantastic and drew a lot of attention
(oh and there was ice cream!!)


Iliana, Dr. Piña-Watson, & Gabriela
at the Texas Tech University 2017
El Grito Celebration


Team outing at Italian Garden!

August 2017

Group outing

Then we decided to go to the Panic Room for more fun and team building!

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Kristi presenting her poster at the Society for the Advancement of Chicano/Hispanic and Native Americans in Sciences (SACNAS) Conference in Long Beach, CA.  Afterwards Dr. Piña-Watson and Kristi went out to explore Long Beach and celebrate! October 2016.



Mandrila and Abigail presenting research from the lab at the 2016 Texas Tech University Diversity Days. September 2016.


nlpa awards

Ashley and Abigail receiving their awards at the 2016 National Latina/o Psychology Association (NLPA) Conferencia in Orlando, FL. October 2016.



Daisy and Dr. Piña-Watson at a TTU Psychological Sciences Graduate Program Recruitment Booth at the 2016 National Latina/o Psychological Association (NLPA) Conferencia in Orlando, FL. October 2016.



Aundrea, Kassidy, Ashley, Abigail, Stacey, Mandrila & Dr. Piña-Watson presenting research from the lab at the National Latina/o Psychological Association (NLPA) Conferencia in Orlando, FL. October 2016.



Afterward a day of presenting at the NLPA Conferencia, the team  and collaborators from Texas A&M, University of Arizona, and University of Houston-Clearlake went for dinner at Sofrito Latin Cafe to celebrate! October 2016.


img_8852nlpa besties


The team at the Noche de Gala during the 2016 NLPA Conferencia.



(Back, L-R): Alexis, Parker, Brandy, Aundrea, Daisy. (Front, L-R): Ashley, Kristi, Abigail. September 2016.

Team outing at Main Event! 



(L): Brandy, Abigail, Ashley. (R): Stephanie, Aundrea, Mandrila. May 2016.

Celebrating the end of the Spring 2016 semester at Capital Pizza! 



(L): Abigail, Stephanie, Kassidy, Aundrea. (R): Ashley, Dr. Piña-Watson, Dr. Castillo. April 2016.

After a Hispanic Serving Institution training, the team went to Crave for dessert and met with Dr. Piña-Watson’s graduate school advisor! 



(L-R): Dr. Elma Lorenzo-Blanco, Dr. Piña-Watson, Dr. Andrea Romero, Dr. Seth Schwartz, Dr. Gabriella Livas-Stein.

Dr. Piña-Watson and colleagues after their symposium, “Latina/o Youth and their Quest to Navigate Cultural Stress: The Role of Adolescent and Familial Factors.”



Mandrila, Stephanie, and Dr. Piña-Watson presenting research from the lab at the 2016 Society for Research on Adolescence conference in Baltimore, MD. April 2016.




Lauren and Kassidy presenting their research at the Texas Tech Undergraduate Research Conference. March 2016.



(Front, L-R): Dr. Piña-Watson, Abigail, Ashley, Mandrila.

(Back, L-R): Stacey, Aundrea, Stephanie.


(L-R): Stephanie, Abigail, Dr. Piña-Watson, Stacey, Aundrea, Mandrila, Ashley. February 2016.

Spring 2016 team social at Pie Bar! 


3214 5


Lauren, Ashley, & Kassidy presenting research from the lab at the Texas Psychological Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Afterwards Dr. Piña-Watson and the team went for dinner at Mi Tierra to celebrate! November 2015.


Stephanie Presenting

Stephanie presenting her poster at the 2015 Society for the Advancement of Chicano/Hispanic and Native Americans in Sciences (SACNAS) Conference in Washington DC. October 2015.



(Front, L-R): Lauren, Kassidy, Stacey. (Back, L-R): Abigail, Stephanie, Dr. Piña-Watson, Ashley, and Aundrea. September 2015.

Fall 2015 team social event at Carinos!



Dr. Piña-Watson and the new undergraduate students in the lab participated in a team building activity at the “Escape Room” in Lubbock.  So close…but not close enough. They were Trapped! September 2015.



Mandrila, Stephanie, Dr. Piña-Watson, Ashley, Kassidy, and Lauren after painting dandelions at Ready Set Paint. June 2015.


ice creamzzzz

Kassidy, Dr. Piña-Watson, Ashley, and Lauren at the final team meeting, eating ice cream to celebrate the end of the semester. May 2015.



Ashley presenting a poster at the National Latina/o Psychological Association
Conference in Albuquerque, NM. October 2014. 


Dr. Piña-Watson and Ashley in front of their poster at the National Latina/o Psychological Association Conference in Albuquerque, NM. October 2014.